Hey! Come meet us at NEON, the Rhode Island retrofuture con on August 24-26!

We’ll be on panels, selling stuff, and listening to your ideas about the game you want to make — even your dumb ones!

We can’t make promises, but we’ll probably be:

  • Joshua A.C. Newman with Shock:Social Science Fiction, Mobile Frame Zero, and probably a new cyberpunk µShock: experimental roleplaying game! He’ll also be on panels about synthesizers, games, publishing, and other shit like that.
  • Stephen Dewey with Ten Candles and To Serve Her Wintry Hunger!
  • Robert Bohl with Misspent Youth and its new megazine of settings, Sell Out With Me!
  • Sean Billson with their premier theurgo-dieselpunk RPG, Fuel Priest!

See you in Rhode Islands In the Net!